On the road to e-mobility with energy 360º

The largest range of services for electric mobility in Switzerland is being formed under the umbrella of Energy 360º. Together with its subsidiaries, Energie360º offers a well thought-out range of products and solutions for charging e-vehicles at home, on the road, at work and at the destination of the journey.

bd consulting as a content agency has summarized the broad mobility offer of Energie 360º in different stories tailored for different target groups. Electric mobility is not yet widely known. Uncertainties about the range of e-vehicles, the availability of charging stations or the recycling of batteries make many people hesitate when changing over. 

In order to push the market expansion, bd consulting has combined knowledge-based information on electromobility with the unique offer features of Energie 360º. Convincing story lines have been developed for target groups such as architects, property managers, tenants, fleet managers and municipalities, which are now continuously distributed via various communication channels: These include websites, online campaigns, social media posts, trade fair presentations, professional articles and sales support measures. 

Thanks to the consistency of content, the readiness to install charging stations among the various target groups was increased in a short time and the market positioning of Energie 360º was sharpened. 

The Story Lines are continuously adapted to new offers and the level of knowledge of the target groups and are strategically managed as part of a comprehensive content platform. 

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