bd consulting seeks everyday heroes for the phone book

Closing Night, 30.09.2011 commissioned bd consulting to dramatically present the phone book at the “begehbare Buch” (“walk-in book”) in Zurich Seefeld. The phone book has its own room under the banner “everyday heroes” giving an insight into its 130-year history. The appearance was accompanied by a broad-based online and print campaign. With the help of its partner network, bd consulting delivered everything from the concept to the finished solution within only three weeks.

Behind every telephone book there’s an interesting person with a fascinating story. And behind them there are heroes of varying degrees whose deeds have in some way changed the world. In the “everyday heroes” campaign, bd consulting put these people at center stage. Thanks to a specially developed PC at the exhibition, visitors can record their own stories, which are simultaneously published on the website.

The entire “begehbare Buch” event was documented in four videos. Rounding the whole thing off is a print and online campaign and a Facebook fan page making people all over Switzerland aware of the exhibition and the website.

Making of, 31.08.2011
Opening, 01.09.2011