Family-friendly business: key to Switzerland’s success

bd consulting is helping Pro Familia Switzerland promote its Family Score, a scientifically designed employee survey that produces a figure expressing the family-friendliness and flexibility of an employer.

The Family Score survey is available in three Swiss national languages, it can be filled out online at The system processes the responses anonymously and calculates a score that is published to allow a comparison with other employers. This is all free of charge. On request Pro Familia can also do a specific evaluation giving companies valuable insights, beyond the score itself, into the use and acceptance of the measures they have introduced to help employees reconcile work and family life.

bd consulting has worked with Pro Familia Schweiz to create information material designed to help companies implement the Family Score survey within their organization. The guide outlines various motivations and approaches to using the Family Score, and ways of optimizing processes and response rates. It also describes in detail the award and how to register for it.

Family Score Award
Organizations that score more than 75 points in the survey and fulfill a minimum for the number of staff participating receive the Family Score Award. The award, given every year in September (the next award will be on 3 September 2015), is an objectively measured quality label that you can use in staff communications and recruitment.