Our industry focuses

Our consulting is geared to your needs, the challenges you face, and the goals you are aiming for.You’ll be advised by specialists who have in-depth knowledge of your market not because they’ve read about it, but because they have spent many years working for organizations in your industry.

Information and communications technology (ICT)

Businesses are morphing into social enterprises, and with Industry 4.0 we’re on the way to the fourth industrial revolution. These days everything’s mobile, and it’s hard to find a business process that isn’t driven by ICT and social software. Intelligent systems are embedded in everyday objects, and in conjunction with the cloud they are helping create intelligent living and working spaces. We have been working for the ICT industry for years, and have followed the transformation from mainframe computers to a mobile, cloud-based ecosystem. We draw on this experience to advise ICT companies and help position their products and services.


Financial services

Risky or conservative? Gain operational efficiency and defend market share, or maximize profits by embarking on global expansion? Things aren’t going to be any easier for banks and financial service providers in the future. They’re having to redefine themselves, and in many cases reposition themselves as well. They’re also under mounting pressure to improve transparency and put corporate governance into practice. The challenge will be to build, increase and maintain trust over the long term. CoRelation specializes in stakeholder and reputation management in complex markets, and helps financial services companies communicate their strategy and philosophy to internal and external audiences.


Communications and management for associations

Industry associations and interest groups are the spearhead of any functioning state. They play a key role in making Switzerland an attractive and productive place to live and do business. We have many years of experience in managing communications for associations, or managing their business office on behalf of the board. Over this time we have been able to build an extensive network that enables us to position associations and interest groups and ensure their voice is heard and taken seriously by the relevant national and cantonal bodies and decision makers.

Consumer goods

These days people don’t just consume consumer goods; they approach them with much greater awareness. A successful brand needs to be environmentally and socially sustainable. In an increasingly global world order it’s getting harder to gear the entire value chain to sustainability. Added to this, in highly developed countries such as Switzerland consumer goods are increasingly subject to new requirements that go far beyond the actual performance of the product. The expectation is that all aspects of the potentially damaging impact of consumer or user behavior have been thought through and addressed. We specialize in critically analyzing products and value chains in light of stakeholder concerns. We create links between products and socially-relevant themes, presenting, dramatizing and communicating their unique characteristics – in particular from a social and environmental point of view – via the entire range of communications channels.


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