Root canal or gardening? The new phone book as a guide

Local - Telefonbuch

The phone book is now called Regionenbuch (“local book”), offering 32 extra pages of editorial content containing information on living and working in the local area. For the relaunch, bd consulting developed a poster and ad campaign running under the banner translating roughly as “everything’s different – but the useful bits are the same.”

The Regionenbuch replaces the phone book, but still has the familiar content of a directory. The aim of the launch campaign was to underscore the versatility of the new information offering and at the same time show users and advertising customers that they will still find the familiar address and yellow pages entries in the new book. The visuals of the campaign highlight individual sections, and the packshots of the content pages can easily be adapted to the regional content of the more than 95 books.

Effective advertising
The campaign ran for four weeks in the Kreuzlingen/Weinfelden area in Canton Thurgau. The impact of the campaign was measured in a representative telephone survey. With around 10% unaided recall and 23% prompted recall, the campaign easily beat the benchmark for campaigns presenting similar offerings.

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F12-Plakat für das Handwerker-Verzeichnis.

Ad focusing on arts & culture

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F12 poster for the directory of trades