For measurably successful communication

CoRelation helps you master the challenge of communication and reputation. We work at the interface between business, politics, society and the environment doing in-depth analysis, developing intelligent policies and strategies, and implementing creative campaigns for internal and external communications, reputation management, and organizational culture.

Corporate Communications

In almost every area, communication has gradually adapted to digital development. Everyone communicates with everyone else, and everything is public and widely distributed within seconds. Taking this dynamic into account, the demand for communication efficiency increases.

We analyze your business strategy against the background of the various stakeholder concerns and develop integrated communication solutions to help you achieve your goals efficiently.

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Public Affairs

Businesses are increasingly having to take account of social and environmental requirements. They face the challenge of developing new products and services and making existing ones available more efficiently amid a complex web of interests and expectations.

At the interface between politics, business, society and the environment, we contribute to a better understanding of your concerns and thus increase the acceptance of your business strategy.

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Digitalization, artificial intelligence and robotics are revolutionizing the way services are delivered and are pushing almost all industries to change.

We support clients from different industries in their transformation processes and guide internal and external dialogue groups through the various phases of change using a proven methodology.

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