Shaping Transformation

Change is a constant and keeps every organization busy. Change processes are successful when all stakeholders recognize the corporate, social, ecological and personal benefits. Every change must therefore be understood individually and approached holistically. This applies to internal as well as external communication.

We specialize in the management of change and communication processes and support clients from various industries with a methodology that has been proven in practice.

Business Transformation

Communication strategies for companies and industries in transformation processes. Tailored to the knowledge, attitudes and needs of different stakeholder groups.

Strategic Communication Audits

Assessing actual and projected organizational culture by way of focus groups, panel studies, individual interviews or text analysis. Identifying sub-cultures and barriers to change, and producing gap analyses and communications strategies to accelerate change across the organization.

Internal Communications

Strategic development of campaigns and key messages to inform, motivate, and build trust. Designing different communication channels such as social media, intranet, town hall meetings, magazines and e-mail correspondence, and providing appropriate content. Coaching and training for managers.

Vision, Mission & Value

Developing a vision and mission statement as the basis for creating consistent, authentic corporate values. Establishing these values by means of guiding principles, key messages, storytelling, and coaching and training.

Employee Engagement

Designing communications campaigns to help employees with different capacities for change negotiate change processes rapidly and successfully.