Corporate Communications 

Good relationships are the foundation for success

Companies are transparent. They are critically observed and evaluated from inside and outside. Disappointed clients and stakeholders break off relations with the company or, in extreme cases, act against its interests.

We support you in the strategic development and long-term maintenance of your relationships with stakeholders. With analyses and data-based insights, we develop dialogue measures that contribute to better understanding, acceptance and reputation.

Issues & Stakeholder Management

Identifying stakeholders, and evaluating their interests and needs and the resulting implications for the organization. Developing, planning and initializing symmetrical dialogue processes taking account of the various issues and stakeholder interests.

Training & Coaching

Media and presentation trainings in preparation for talks, sales pitches and panel discussions, and different crisis scenarios.

Corporate Publishing

Fusing words and images to create informative, moving stories; conceiving, designing, editing and producing magazines, brochures and online media. Combining our flair and industry expertise to create business reports that set the trend in financial communication.

Public Relations & Media Relations

Identifying and monitoring publicly relevant issues with the aim of positioning the organization and its products actively and positively in public discourse.

Crisis Preparation & Communication

Identifying potential risks, communications risk assessments, drawing up crisis manuals with procedures, responsibilities and standard response tools, coaching and training.