Payments harmonization – the countdown has started

The PaymentStandards.CH information campaign is due to be launched. Under the banner “Payments harmonization – the countdown has started,” representatives of the board of directors of SIX Interbank Clearing AG today joined other prominent speakers on camera to fill journalists in on the essentials of the switch to ISO 20022, and officially present the new QR bill for the first time. The media event centered on a study done by Deloitte Switzerland highlighting the economic benefits of payment traffic and the impact of harmonization.

bd consulting supported SIX Interbank Clearing with content design and the entire issues management, drawing up a communications concept highlighting the significance of payment traffic and the switch to the ISO 20022 standard from an macroeconomic point of view. The event got a very good media response. Various media from Finanz & Wirtschaft to Tagesschau and Radio SRF 1 used the costs of investment and potential savings as an opportunity to report on the harmonization.

More on the harmonization of payment traffic at – a knowledge platform created by bd consulting on behalf of Six Interbank Clearing for public relations purposes.

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Tagesschau feature, March 30, 2017

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